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Membership FAQs

How long do I have to commit to the Blowout Membership when I join?

 The Blowout Membership term is six (6) months. After 6 monthly payments your membership remains active on a month-to-month basis until your decide to freeze or cancel. Early cancellation requests made prior to 6 monthly payments are charged an early cancellation fee. The early cancellation fee is based on the number of blowouts received at the discounted membership rate:

[# of membership blowouts used x regular price per classic blowout] -[ total membership payments made ($)]

Early cancellation fee for cancelling the membership after 2 months (example):

Membership blowouts used (3) x Regular price per Classic Blowout ($40) = $120

$120-$90 (2 Membership Payments) = $30

Early Cancellation Fee is $30

When am I billed for my membership?

 Both the Hair Color and Blowout Membership bill on the same date each month as your sign up date. For example, if you joined a membership on the 15th, your billing date will be on the 15th every month going forward. This includes weekends and equates to 12 payments per calendar year.

What happens if my payment charge gets declined?

If we are unable to take a membership payment due to a failed charge, the system will automatically attempt to retry the charge once a day for a total of five (5) days. After 5 unsuccessful attempts the membership benefits are suspended. A Customer Care Associate will send you a text message request to update the card on file for your membership. If we are unable to process the overdue membership payment after thirty (30) days. The membership will be cancelled. 

Can I rejoin a membership if it is cancelled due to an overdue payment?

Subject to consideration and a reactivation fee, you can rejoin by visiting or contacting the salon and purchasing a new membership. Please keep in mind that the pricing on the membership may change and you will be subject to the new pricing if applicable.


What is a Root Touch Up?

Permanent hair color is applied to the roots of the hair to blend the color with the existing hair. A root touch up covers gray and darkens the root color by adding or enriching the natural root color. Root regrowth should be between 1/8" - 1/4" at the time of service.

Is a Bleach Retouch included as an unlimited service with the Hair Color Membership?

No. Lightening roots using bleach is NOT the same as a root touch up. A bleach retouch takes more product and more time because lighteners swell and expand as it processes. A bleach retouch requires greater consideration as it is more difficult for the stylist, especially once the root regrowth gets longer than 1/8". The further the hair is from the scalp the harder it is for the stylist to blend the lightener to the existing hair color seamlessly.

How do I pause billing on my membership?
You are not able to pause billing for the Hair Color Membership at this time. If SWANK blow dry bar will be temporarily closed for an extended period of time, your Hair Color Membership will not bill during the time the salon location is closed and will be reinstated upon reopening.

The Blowout Membership has a freeze option that allows you to pause your billing for up to six (6) months per calendar year. To request a Blowout Membership freeze you must submit the form at least three (3) days prior to your next billing date to avoid an upcoming  payment. The freeze form is located on our website and can be submitted online. Go to to complete the form. 

Can I use my Blowout Membership benefits while on freeze?
No. The purpose of freezing the Blowout Membership is to avoid accumulating too many blowouts while the Member is unable to use the membership benefits. During a membership freeze accrued blowouts remain on hold until your membership becomes active again. In addition, Members are not eligible to receive any membership pricing discounts or promotions while the membership is frozen.

What is an appropriate gratuity for membership services?
Gratuities are always appreciated in exchange for GREAT service and results. Industry standard is 15% - 25% of the regular service price. Due to the significant price discounts offered through our memberships, please base your stylist's tip on the non-member price of your booked service.  Stylists may be tipped directly in cash or through Venmo or Cash App. Members can also choose to put gratuity on a credit or debit card during checkout. Please note that as of January 2021, SWANK blow dry bar has gone cashless. We no longer accept cash as a form of payment and therefore we are unable to make change for customers that wish to provide a cash tip for stylist gratuities.


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